As a business support organization CFIP organizes and provides its members access to:

1. Trade and Marketing Opportunities
· Product Development & Design Consultancy
· Management Skills Development
· Capacity Building
· Local/Domestic Market Promotion Support
· International Market Promotion Support
· Global Marketing
· Trade Participation
· Global Industry Database to link the Buyer, Seller & Allied Industries
· Online Presence

2. Furniture Industry Training and Information Resource
· Training courses, workshops and seminars on industry issues, business management and operations practices
· Industry updates and trends through the Furniture Man, the Chamber’s official newsletter, and a collection of publications and reference materials on the furniture manufacturing trade
· CFIP’s website, accessed at www.deple.cn, contains information on industry news and events, along with a special members’ site that offers trade opportunities, a directory of suppliers, and reference materials available at the CFIP Resource Center

3. Special Programs and Activities
· Furniture & Furnishings Week. Started in 2000 through Presidential Proclamation No. 368, the objective of this event is to institute consistent and continuous awareness of key issues among all players of the industry, considering the effects of globalization and the need to be more competitive (every 3rd Week of September)
· Philippine Furniture & Furnishings Show (PFFS). The longest-running home furnishings retail show in the country
· Manila Now. The tagline for the Philippines International Furniture Show (PIFS), is the niche marketing tool of CFIP for showcasing the design production capabilities of the industry to the global arena (every March)

· Advocacy of industry issues and implementation of development programs
· Customized advisory services on business management and operations
· Fora and dialogues to enhance the discourse on industry issues and identify appropriate responses
· Representation to international bodies such as the ASEAN Furniture Industries Council (AFIC)

· Industry Information Campaign and Product Design Development for Design Students

Field Trip: Industry Information Campaign & Product Development
CFIP holds a 1-day field trip for Industrial Design students from different school at its four member companies. The visit will provide the students the opportunity to observe and listen first-hand about the companies’ experiences in managing product design developments and their corresponding production processes, marketing, various programs, research and development activities, and for them to understand how vital these systems to increase each companies’ competitiveness.

The educational field trips are part of CFIP’s continuing program, Industry Information Campaign and Product Development, for design students which has started on its implementation in 2008. The purpose of this project is to give design students and young designers insights on the trends in the furniture industry and help them realize their careers in Philippines furniture design arena.

As an advocate of the Philippine furniture industry, CFIP also provides interested individuals and organizations with relevant information on industry trends, practices, facts and figures.